Spirit Augmentation

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Spirit Augmentation is an ability used by the monks of the Monastic Order.

A monk skilled in the channeling of thaumaturgy can use his inner light to bolster the very spirit that weaves and binds a body together. Such augmentation will render a target's body resistant to damage from any source, though once damaged enough, the augmentation's effects will fade.

This ability causes each hit location on the target's body to receive 100 points of spirit augmentation if self cast, or 50 points of spirit augmentation if cast on another. Each hit in an augmented location will only deal half damage, and that damage will be reduced from that body part's augmentation points. Once augmentation points reach 0, that body part will no longer benefit from the damage reduction, though other body parts will remain augmented until they too are damaged enough for the effects to fade on them. Augmentation also fades at a rate of one point per ten seconds unless the augmented person is actively channeling thaumaturgy.

Augmentation Point Caps

  • Thaumaturgy skill less than 700: 100 self cast, 100 other cast
  • Thaumaturgy skill 700 to 999: 300 self cast, 200 other cast
  • Thaumaturgy skill 1000 or greater: 500 self cast, 300 other cast

  • Usage: cast 201 for self-cast and cast 201 (target) for targeted

Note: Use the armor command to check which of your body parts are currently under the effects of this spell.