Soul Harvest

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Soul Harvest is an ability used by sorcerers of Rook Parlour, as well as a task assigned to them.


The soul and and the body's blood are strongly intertwined. This ritual will allow a sorcerer to draw the remaining soul shreds from the blood of a fresh corpse and store it within a blood talisman for use in other rituals, or to draw on for energy. Additionally, this will teach sorcery.

Charge a Blood Talisman with a corpse that contains blood.

  • Usage: While holding or wearing a blood talisman, harvest [corpse]. Sorcerers may also consume [talisman] to convert stored soul shreds into energy.


  • None


For this tasks, Rooks are asked to harvest the soul of a particularly powerful creature. They may kill it in any way necessary, but the soul must be harvested and returned to the taskmaster. A Rook may turn over the soul by holding the talisman and typing give taskmaster.

Points: 75

Riln: 250