Soul Beacon

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Soul Beacon is an ability learned by members of the Monastic Order.

The phenomenon of an individual's soul failing to move on as a result of the death of their body, while extremely rare, is becoming disturbingly more common. While we do not understand what causes this to occur, we have developed a technique that can, if the body is in a condition fit for maintaining a soul, cause a powerful beacon of brilliant Light to shine around the body and draw its soul back into it. This power is not to be treated lightly, nor is it to be confused for the ability to restore any dead creature back to life. It will only succeed if the body's soul is lingering in the mortal realm.

Restore a soul to its body, effectively bringing the target back to life. The corpse must be in life-sustaining condition (wounds of extreme severity to vital hit locations will prevent Soul Beacon from working). The caster must be careful to be at nearly full energy when attempting a Soul beacon.

  • Usage: cast 250 [target]