Sorcerous Amalgamation

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Sorcerous Amalgamation is an ability used by sorcerers of Rook Parlour.

This involved ritual allows for a sorcerer to summon, bolster, and amalgamate a mixture of soul shreds and ambient nether focused on a shadow familiar, significantly increasing the creature's potency and capability. Areas with a particularly strong nether-presence can produce more potent results. However, care must be taken to maintain control of the empowered entity, as the combined wills of the soul shreds and pseudosentient ambient nether can potentially overpower that of the familiar. Caution is advised: this ritual should not be performed in public places or other areas where innocent bystanders might be harmed by a rampant spectre.

Bolster and empower a shadow familiar, giving it increased energy and offensive capabilities. The ritual takes time to perform and cannot be stopped once started.

  • Usage: cast 340