Snowpine Lodge

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Snowpine Lodge is a loose conglomeration of bushcrafters, hunters, woodsmen, survivalists, and similar-minded people who desire skills and knowledge to survive out in the wild. They don't practice or promote any specifc ideals or creed, other than the desire to be able to live off the land and live free.



Snowpine Lodge is a relatively simple guild with a focus on survival and bushcraft skills. They don't have any particular ideals or goals other than promoting the joys and self-sufficiency of being able to live in the wilderness outside towns.

This guild might be considered a "minor guild" in that it's unlikely to be particularly powerful compared to other guilds, or have many abilities unique to itself.


There are a few combat-applicable abilities, but the Lodge doesn't have a particular focus on combat outside what would be useful for hunting game.

Promotion Points

Promotion points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Successfully completing tasks from the Guildmaster.
  • Honing bushcraft skills (firekindling, skinning, leatherworking, foraging, woodworking, bowyering, fletching, trapping, knapping, first aid)


  • None (yet!)

Guild Services

  • None (yet!)


  • Crafting workshops
  • Unique poultices
  • Unique foods/drinks with minor benefits