Shadow Familiar

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Shadow Familiar is an ability used by sorcerers of Rook Parlour.

A shadow familiar is a nether-being, spawned from a facet of the summoner's own soul. As such, it is utterly loyal and cooperative with the sorcerer who summoned it. To a novice, the shadow familiar will be of little use other than a status symbol, but its power and abilities will grow as the sorcerer's own powers grow.

Summon a shadow familiar. The familiar will initially have some minor use in combat, attacking anything hostile to its master. If the familiar's body is destroyed, it can be re-summoned.

  • Usage: cast 305

The familiar can be dismissed at any time to get rid of it.

  • Energy: 100

Sorcerers can use the familiar command to give their familiars some basic commands: Familiar Message