Serafina's Blessing

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Serafina's Blessing is an ability used by the Knights Templar.

Generally speaking, the more dense and solid a material, the more it resists or interferes with channeling. This can be a major issue for Templar wearing heavier armors. Thankfully, Serafina the Torchbearer has agreed to grant her blessing to alleviate this for a worthy Templar. With her blessing, she lends the Templar some of her personal light and willpower, bolstering the Templar's ability to channel despite being clad in heavy armor. This is not a blessing to be taken lightly or for granted.

Dramatically reduces the chances to interrupt thaumaturgy channeling due to armor interference, increases thaumaturgy skillgains by 5%, and increase the chances for thaumaturgy flares to accompany melee strikes. Also grants the ability to heal minor wounds via thaumaturgy.