Sacred Chants

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Sacred Chants is an ability learned by the Knights Templar.

By channeling your courage and resolve, keeping a clear mind, and focusing your inner light, you will be able to bolster the capabilities of yourself and your allies. (OOC: Unlocks a variety of group buffs accessible via the chant command:

  • Chant: Resolve - All group members receive +50 to their current energy pool, as well as increasing fear, mesmerization, and knockdown resistance, and granting a +100/100% bonus to the Channeling skilld uring the duration.
  • Chant: Courage - All group members will become immune to fear and recieve a 10% bonus to Melee skill during the duration.
  • Chant: Clarity - All group members will receive a +100%/10% bonus to Meditation and Channeling skills, +100/+20% bonus to Perception, and +25/+20% bonus to Dodging during the duration.
  • Chant: Lightbearer - All group members will receive a +100% bonus to Thaumaturgy skill. The templar will be able to heal moderate wounds via thaumaturgy during the duration. (Requires 200 Thaumaturgy skill and Serafina's Blessing)
  • Chant: Zeal - A temporary 20% boost to Melee skill, 20% reduction in attack roundtime, increased chance to land extra strikes or shield bashes, and the ability to land multiple strikes with a weapon even while wielding a shield. (Requires 200 Melee skill, only affects the chanter, may be used while another chant is active)

Only one chant may be active at a time unless otherwise stated.