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Rook Parlour is a private club of philosophers and scholars, founded by a group of like-minded individuals who wished to discover the secrets behind life and death. They have establishments in several towns and cities throughout Arad, though their members are known to be most active in the western Lost Lands where they can conduct their discussions and experiments in peace, without any governmental meddling. Due to their reputation for studying nether and manipulating it as part of their experiments, members are often referred to as 'sorcerers,' though the term is not exclusive to members of the Rook Parlour.

It should be noted that the word "Rook" is in reference to the type of bird (of the same family as crows, ravens, and so forth), and not the chess piece of the same name with which the Parlour has no associated symbology.



Members (sometimes referred to as or mixed in with Sorcerers) are powerful channelers, and can learn a fair amount of abilities to improve physical combat capabilities, if they so desire. Their most notable power is the ability to summon beings of nether use these beings to animate the bodies of the dead (though the Parlour officially denies such things occur within their establishments, insisting that they are merely the actions of individuals and that the Parlour should not be held responsible for such actions).


Members have a variety of offensive and defensive spells to deal with most combat situations. Their ability to summon nethrim and animate corpses as minions can significantly increase their combat prowess.

Promotion Points

Promotion points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Successfully completing tasks from the Guildmaster.
  • A very small amount from casting spells.

Overall Pros

  • Many offensive spells
  • Some defensive spells
  • Several types of minions

Overall Cons

  • Often mistrusted
  • Many abilities require more energy than those of other guilds
  • Many abilities require extra steps to perform and/or components
  • Many abilities require soul shreds, which must be manually harvested


Guild Services

  • Shops in which blood talismans and other miscellaneous items can be purchased.
  • Corpse patch-ups, healing animated minions and restoring them to full energy.