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Riding skill determines how well one can ride and control mounts.

  • At 50 skill, you obtain a -1 to mount/dismount RT.
  • At 250 skill, you obtain another -1 to mount/dismount RT.

While traveling through the wilderness mounted your steed will use up an amount of energy that is partially influenced by encumbrance. There is a skill roll against your Riding to significantly reduce that cost.

If mounted on a horse trained for combat, both your attack and defense rolls will increase and the mount has a chance to strike the opponent you are targeting. With War Riding, you also unlock the capability to perform special attacks. If the horse isn't trained, you'll suffer a penalty instead.

Non-combat steeds are capable of being HITCHed to a wagon, allowing a player to transport large quantities of goods. The travel time between rooms, wilderness or not, will increase with the more the wagon is weighed down. If the horse is injured, that roundtime will increased - especially if limbs are wounded.

It is also possible to LEAD a horse, which will add it to your group. To make the horse remain where it is after LEADing it, use the commands GROUP DISBAND or GROUP REMOVE (horse).