Rasui's Cryosorcerous Disc

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Rasui's Cryosorcerous Disc is an ability used by sorcerers of Rook Parlour, the initial design and theories researched by a Rook known as Rasui, Servant of Nuit.

Combining cryomancy with nether normally does little more than make the nether all that much colder, as nether sustains its nebulous state of form regardless of freezing temperatures. However, by manipulating the form of the nether first and instilling within it a desired pattern of rigidity, one can then utilize cryomancy to help the nether hold that form, resulting in a fairly solid, if brittle, state. This state cannot be maintained for more than a moment or two, but can prove useful as a form of protection for the alert sorcerer who can react quickly enough to incoming threats, such as a weapon strike or projectile.

The ability to block attacks as if with a shield while channeling sorcery and cryomancy. Dependent on sorcery and cryomancy skills and both trains and benefits well from the shield use skill.

This spell is geared toward Rooks who are incapable of (being very old or frail, for instance) or don't wish to train physical defensive skills such as weapons (for parrying) or dodging.

  • Usage: Passive effect while channeling both cryomancy and sorcery while holding no weapons or shields in hand.