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Radiance is an ability used by the monks of the Monastic Order.

The Radiance thaumaturgic technique is essentially a flooding of the area with as much thaumaturgic energy as possible. While certainly inefficient, it can be useful in emergencies, such as warding off nethrim or, to a lesser extent, other enemies, whom will have trouble being able to see or focus on the Thaumaturge who is surrounded by blinding radiance. The flood of thaumaturgic energies in the area will also heal wounds of anyone nearby, disrupt sorcerous channeling, and has been especially useful in dispelling nether-haunting fields which have become disturbingly more common lately.

A room-wide effect that, while maintained, continually stuns and drains nethrim, disrupts sorcery channeling, makes the caster more difficult to strike in combat, and heals anyone nearby. It may also dispel various nether-effects in the area or in use by nearby individuals.

  • Usage: While channeling thaumaturgy, cast radiance