Pyro Shield

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Pyro Shield is an ability used by the Elemancers.

This spell will cause tendrils of fire to surround the Elemancer. These flames are useful for a variety of purposes, including warming the elemancer and resisting cold, providing light, and harming any who are foolish enough to come too close to the caster. Fire can be chaotic and difficult to maintain control over, however! Only skilled pyromancers should attempt to make use of a pyro shield, as those with less skill in pyromancy are likely to lose control of the shield and end up harming themselves.

This spell grants cold resistance, warmth for the caster, light, and adds fire damage to outgoing attacks, as well as damaging melee attackers who strike the caster. There is a chance, based on pyromancy skill, for the caster to lose control of the pyro shield and harm themselves, losing the shield.

  • Usage: While maintaining at least one pyromancy channel, channel shield
  • Energy cost: 10 for the initial cast, plus 2 additional energy per second as long as the shield is maintained.
  • Duration: As long as at least one pyromancy channel is maintained.

Requirements: Shield Pattern

Note: Having tendrils of fire constantly swirling around you can make it more difficult to see and pick up on little things you might have noticed otherwise.