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All Artisans have access to fill purchase orders. These purchase orders can be placed in the warehouse in Haiban. Artisans can check and claim purchase orders.

Other characters can make purchase orders with the place command. You can also cancel orders with the place cancel command.

Items that are provided for purchase orders cannot have crafting marks on them. You cannot turn in multiple items at different times, so small items should be placed in a larger container. Orders too large can be turned in as the contents of a wagon (the wagon will be emptied).

Artisans who do not provide the items requested will find themselves in trouble with the Coalition, which prides itself on high quality goods that customers ask for.

Purchase Order Process

The typical flow of a purchase order is as follows:

  • A character who is seeking a particular item goes to the warehouse and places the purchase order, specifying the item description, desired quality, material, quantity, and price they are willing to pay.
    • The character who places the purchase order will pay 50% of the fee up front, and can only place one purchase order at a time.
  • The next time an artisan checks for purchase orders, they may see one they are capable of fulfilling. In which case they claim the purchase order to remove it from the available orders list.
    • Claimed purchase orders will remain in the care of the artisan who claimed it for 24 hours, if not fulfilled after 24 hours, the claim will be void and the purchase order will be re-posted.
  • After the artisan acquires the items, he or she returns to the room the purchase order was claimed from and uses CLAIM again while holding the product to be delivered to the customer.
    • If the customer requested multiple products, the artisan must either furnish a container or have them in a wagon in which their mount is pulling. Note that ALL items in the wagon will be considered part of the purchase order.
  • The artisan will receive payment for completing their end of the purchase order.
  • The customer will receive an in-game mail notifying them that their purchase order has been fulfilled and is ready for pickup. Upon returning to a valid purchase order room and using check, they pay the remaining 50% of the cost and receive the items.


It is in the Coalition's interest to keep purchase orders anonymous. This is why crafting marks are removed and client's names are not mentioned on the purchase orders list. Please do not try to bypass this through OOC communications.

Items requested do not necessarily have to be handcrafted goods made by the artisan or resources that the artisan has to gather themselves. Artisans may be required to actually trade to acquire some goods.

Just because a requested item isn't easily obtainable in game or even recognizable does not necessarily mean it is an invalid purchase order.

Be careful when turning in containers or wagons that only the contents of the purchase order you wish to fulfill are in them.

Be careful not to turn in a single item when a customer clearly asks for multiple quantities, or a completely different item than what the customer requested.