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You can create container, statuettes, and plates out of clay using the pottery skill.


  • A pottery table
  • Clay (wet or dry)
  • Sand
  • A drying rack or kiln
  • A number of containers


Gathering Clay

  • You can gather either wet or dry clay, as well as sand for the tempering step
  • Wet clay can be found in locations with shallow water. You will need a waterproof container like a barrel or cask.
  • Dry clay must first be exposed (by digging) in mountains or hilly areas with dirt.
  • In order to use dry clay, you must add water to it on a pottery table and then knead they clay until it is worked in

Tempered Wet Clay

  • Once you have a lump of wet clay, you must shape it into a disk before adding sand to temper it
  • With a clay disk, you can add sand (you'll have to discover the correct proportion) to the worktable
  • Then you must knead the disk to add the sand to it. You will end up with a lump of tempered wet clay.


  • Tempered clay must be shaped into the rough form of the item you want to make. These rough forms include containers, statuettes, and dishes

Working the Clay

  • The rough clay must be worked in detail to get the finished product.
  • Various details will be available after this stage, like decorating and scoring (not implemented yet)

Drying the Clay

  • Once the item is finished, it must be left on a drying rack to dry.
  • Drying via kilns will be available (not implemented yet)


Not implemented yet

Skills Used

  • Pottery

Commands Used

  • Add
  • Dig
  • Gather
  • Knead
  • Paint (not implemented)
  • Shape
  • Stoke (not implemented)
  • Survey
  • Work