Nethrium Infusion

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Nethrium Infusion is an ability used by sorcerers of Rook Parlour.

With the aid of an old member and through rather... hazardous research we have managed to generate a method by which a Rook can produce nethrium, granted they have the supplies to do so. The ritual involved is rather simple but the items required are not. To produce nethrium one must first obtain a matrix or lattice for the soul shreds to adhere to. In short, bloodglass. Bloodglass armor, weapons or other such items may used. These will provide the structure for the nethrium to cling to and mimic. Unfortunately, ordinary soul shreds will not suffice. You will need a very potent type of soul shred which can only be harvested from the remains of rare and powerful nethrim. Often these will be hard to gather and you will not know it has what you seek until you attempt to harvest it, granted you are able to obtain the shred in the first place. Once you have enough potent soul shreds and the bloodglass item, simply use the ritual described here by infusing the matrix with the potent soul shreds from your blood talisman. However, be warned. Only those with a certain amount of nether in their bloodstream will be able to safely handle the nethrium once it is created.

The INFUSE command can be used to change bloodglass items into nethrium if you have enough potent soul shreds in your talisman. Warning: Nethrium will burn rooks who are not tainted with nether. This can cause you to drop the item, over and over

Usage: infuse <target>


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