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A NPC, or Non-Playable Character, is an entity that exists within the world of Arad, but is not necessarily controlled by another player. These can range from shopkeepers, townspeople, to guild masters and even some special NPCs that are controlled by the GMs to drive certain lore and event progression.

Roleplay with NPCs

As a role-playing enforced MUD, we treat interactions with NPCs very seriously. NPCs should be looked at and treated the same as you would treat any other player character. They are not mere mechanical aids to your character or "practice targets." Attacking an NPC, even under the pretense of "practice" or "training", will usually have serious consequences with both that NPC and any factions or guilds that they belong to.

Interaction with NPCs will sometimes be noticed by the GM staff, and it is not uncommon for them to possess an NPC to interact back with the player. This may be a rewarding experience that enriches the role play and may even result in Role-Play Awards for the player's character.

If your character needs to interact with an NPC and a GM hasn't noticed, you may wish to use the think command to share your character's thoughts about the situation with all online GMs or even use the request command to send an out-of-character request message to all online GMs. However, please be aware that GM interaction is not always guaranteed. It is a special treat for the players, not an entitlement.

You may also contact NPCs via post with the npcmail command at a post office in the exact way you would use the mail command to mail another player character. Please note that the name of your recipient to the npcmail is not checked against a list of existing NPCs, so make sure you double check the name and make sure it is something we will understand.

GM Controlled NPCs

This is a list of some of the non-permanent GM controlled NPCs that may be brought out for a variety of reasons. You can send mail directly to these characters should you wish to contact them.

Dannal is the Mayor of Shadgard
Samuel is the Sheriff of Shadgard
Evrek is the Assistant to the Tse Gaiyan Praetor
Kyskie is a seamstress who will happily make all new characters a set of clothes. She will also make clothes for established players for reasonable prices. Simply write what you want and mail Kyskie from any post office.
Lyndral is a tattoo artist who can occasionally be found doing work in his sister's boutique
Gunther was the Acting Mayor of Shadgard (now deceased)
Shar is, well ... Shar
Sceptus was once the leader of Corvus, he is now missing
Wynthor is a weaponsmith of some considerable skill.