Mountain Father

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The Mountain Father is believed to be the last of the Mountain Giants, powerful beings that were responsible for shaping the world when the world was new. He is often revered by the Giganti, many of whom believe themselves to be his descendants.

The Mountain Father glories in stonework, though he is not particularly fond of metal or gemstone crafting or ornamentation, nor does he like over-adornment or polish - he prefers simple elegance and a somewhat rough feel. He is sometimes referred to as The Ancient Architect, and his followers often honor him by constructing vast and massive halls and dwellings of stone. Thus it is that the mountain halls of the Giganti are the stuff of legend, being built on a massive, grand scale even for the 7-foot-tall mountain people. Many of their subterranean realms baffle modern architects who are unable to discern why the places don't cave in on themselves - the Giganti explain that they remain standing and sturdy thanks to the blessing of the Mountain Father.

While he is extraordinarily strong even amongst the Immortals, the Mountain Father values a calculating mind as well as physical strength, for the feats of stonework and architecture that he loves require careful planning and construction. He loathes the lazy and the idle, and will often punish such individuals with hardships and trials that require much work and toil to overcome.

In appearance the Mountain Father is inhumanly tall - while his size varies, he never stands under ten feet tall. He is broad-shouldered and well-muscled, with granite-gray eyes and shoulder-length brown hair and a full, bushy beard. His garb is most often simple, appearing roughspun. He is never without his hammer, Brokunfjall.