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The Monastic Order is an order of monks in the Church of Light who are dedicated to humanitarian efforts and are particularly well-known for their ability to heal even the gravest of wounds.

A monk's ability to harness and channel their inner light via Thaumaturgy for use in magic-like abilities is a discipline based on the monk's own sense of honor, compassion, virtue, and righteousness. It draws on their own power - not that of any patron deity. However, the channeling of one's inner light can be negatively effected or even outright prevented if one is not in the proper mental state. Selfishness, arrogance, deceit, and being too distracted by worldly matters are some of the things that can hinder one's ability to keep in touch with one's own inner light.

Monks are expected to follow certain moral guidelines and standards. If they end up acting in ways contrary to the standards of their Order, they may be demoted, put on probation or even expelled. As noted before, this may not always cause them to lose their powers to channel their Inner Light outright, though it will almost certainly diminish them due to the subconscious results of being chastised and expelled.

Some examples of actions that may get a monk into trouble:

  • Stealing
  • Bullying
  • Dishonesty
  • Betrayal of trust
  • Unmannerly arrogance
  • Murder
  • Abusing power, using it to dominate or for personal gain

All monks must assume that they are being watched and judged by their superiors within the Order. While a monk may be able to get away with bad conduct at times, if word of something ever reaches their superiors, there will be investigation, and punishment if necessary.

As is standard practice within the Church of the Light, monks honor the patron deity Serafina the Torchbearer and may call on her for assistance or guidance, though they do not worship her.



Monks are healers first and foremost. The majority of their powers will be centered around healing wounds, restoring energy and other recovery or defensive purposes.


Monks are expected to avoid combat and instead focus on healing and support. (Church members who wish to engage in combat should consider the Knights Templar.)

Promotion Points

Promotion points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Successfully completing tasks from the Guildmaster
  • Healing

The following actions will automatically reduce promotion points:

  • Stealing

Overall Pros

  • The best healers, able to heal others even in mid-combat.
  • Training and supplies can be acquired based on merit (guild points) rather than riln.

Overall Cons

  • Participating in physical combat can negatively affect a monk's thaumaturgy.
  • Often scrutinized and judged due to their expectation to adhere to a strict moral code.
  • Guild tasks offer little, if any, riln as a reward.


Guild Services

  • A modest living cell is provided in Shadgard with a bed, table, and trunk. (Items cannot be stored on the floor long-term.)
  • Guild trainers give training based on merit (guild points) instead of riln.
  • Mess Hall in Shadgard guild area offers food and refreshment based on merit.
  • Supply storehouse in Shadgard guild area offers clothing and other basic supplies based on merit.
  • Free stabling in Shadgard