Minor Animation

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Minor Animation is an ability used by sorcerers of Rook Parlour.

A sorcerer's shadow familiar is an extension of the sorcerer's own consciousness. With the proper knowledge, a sorcerer can implant his familiar into a suitable corpse and interface with the corpse's brain, causing the body to become animated and serve the sorcerer. Because the corpse must be in a state that would be fit for living, it is recommended to leech a victim's energy in order to kill them, thus avoiding damaging the body beyond usefulness.

Infuse a shadow familiar into a corpse to animate it and become the sorcerer's minion. The corpse will retain its skills only up to a maximum equal to the caster's skill ranks in Sorcery. The corpse must be a human corpse, and it must be in a condition fit for living (no fatal wounds to the head, neck, back, chest or abdomen.

  • Usage: cast 325