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Malfant is an Immortal often regarded as a guardian or seeker of lost and forbidden knowledge, and is also associated with secrets. It is generally believed that Malfant is an ancient and extraordinarily powerful wraith. He has several blue wraith-like eyes, ever searching for more secrets and knowledge.

Accounts of mortals meeting with or being influenced by Malfant can be seen throughout history, the majority of the accounts being sorcerers wishing to acquire forbidden knowledge, though the reasons of those who seek the wraith's knowledge vary greatly.

Those who go to Malfant seeking knowledge will first be required to perform a task for the wraith or, more commonly, provide the wraith with a portion of their own memories and knowledge which will be lost to them. Malfant will then grant the mortal with the knowledge they seek, though it is often so horrible or staggeringly complex that it results in the mortal being afflicted with recurring nightmares or madness. So it is that some consider Malfant a bringer of nightmares and madness.

In appearance Malfant is wraith-like, comprised entirely of inky black nether in a roughly humanoid shape. He is usually described as having at least two pairs of glowing blue points of light in his face functioning as "eyes", one pair above the other. He often takes the form of a raven, and is sometimes reported as having a pair of black feathered wings on his back when in humanoid form.