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Welcome to CLOK
An original text-based MUD with a fantasy/wild west/gaslamp style.

Events and roleplaying are ongoing, feel free to jump right in and Play!

CLOK Server Funding, November 2017

$0 $199

Based off of $22 current pledges on Patreon and $60 in Paypal donations for current month.
Bar does not update automatically and may not reflect the most recent pledges.

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(Note: CLOK is a dynamic thing, both its world and its mechanics. The world can change based on what happens in it and how the player characters act (or don't act). The staff are constantly developing, altering, and tweaking mechanics. Take a break from CLOK for a few months, and it might be a pretty different place when you get back. We appreciate feedback and suggestions - feel free to sign up and post on the BBS)

CLOK is a text-based MUD based in an original fantasy world where magical and clockwork technologies are becoming developed. Multiple users can connect to CLOK at the same time and interact with each other with various text commands. For more information on the world of CLOK, see the world page. To find out how to start playing CLOK and for some beginner's tips and a list of commands, see the Tips for Beginners and Connection Info pages.

In CLOK, players can choose one of several unique races for their character and learn a multitude of different skills. Characters can go on dangerous, exciting adventures or stay in the towns and on the main roads in safety - combat is not necessary to advance (unless one wishes to advance combat skills), thanks to a learn-by-practice skill system. One has a chance to be an involved, active member in the community in many ways, from warriors who protect others, to herbalists who can create healing poultices, to craftsmen who can create a variety of goods both for utility and vanity, to farmers who can raise vital crops and cooks who can make meals out of them.

Game Basics World & Lore Guilds Professions and Skills
How to Play
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The World
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▪  Explorable Areas
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General Info
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