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Lapis is technically a duchy, and the only major surviving remnant of the kingdom of Aetgard after the Plague swept across western Arad. It is named after the precious stone 'lapis lazuli' which can be found in the area, and the official colors of Lapis are blue with gold accents or highlights, after the color of the stone as well. Their national symbol is a stylized golden flame on a field of blue.

When the plague struck the west, the Duke of Lapis sealed off his duchy and exiled anyone who showed the slightest signs of infection. While the duchy still suffered significant losses, they were able to avoid being wiped out completely. In the following years, Lapis has slowly regrown, and has maintained its xenophobic cultural attitude - they rarely let outsiders past their borders for fear of them bearing infection, and they have recently sworn to cleanse the West of any remnants of the plague as well as nether-taint so that they can reunite the people and rebuild the once-great kingdom of Aetgard.


The people of Lapis, unlike the rest of old Aetgard who held a wide variety of religious beliefs, followed almost solely the philosophy of the Inner Light, which originally spread to Aetgard from Ivial in the east. Since the destruction of Aetgard caused by the plague, Lapis has modified the beliefs somewhat into their own new belief system, referring to their inner power as the Sacred Flame instead of the Inner Light. The religions are similar, though the newer Sacred Flame philosophy tends to be much stricter and less tolerant.


The people of Lapis tend to be fair-skinned with varying shades of blond, light brown, and occasionally red hair, with blue, gray or green eyes. Most follow the encouraged cultural trends of mistrust of outsiders and the belief that they are responsible for cleansing of the West and the rebuilding of a new, sacred and glorious kingdom that will grant peace and prosperity to all its citizens.