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You can facet or polish those gemstones you find from mining!



  • You will need to take your unfinished gemtype to a workshop where you will have access to a grinder.
  • Once in the workshop, hold the gemtype in your hand and polish
  • After some time, and with some luck, you will craft a polished cabochon.
  • The quality and sell price is based on your current lapidary skill and a little luck.


  • You will need to purchase a gem chisel and be in an appropriate workshop.
  • Once you have the tools you will facet and be given a listing of different cuts you can attempt.
  • Faceting takes a little more time than polish, but you also have a chance for higher quality from faceting gems over polishing.


  • These gemstones can be sold for higher amounts than their raw base material, based on the quality of your work.

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