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Ivial is a nation in southeast Arad, its people known as the Viali. The nation is a Kingdom and is broken up into multiple territories of varying size, many of which are also broken up into their own internal territories, and so forth. Often considered the peak of culture in Arad (and even beyond), Ivial is home to several iconic buildings and institutions including temples, universities, performing arts halls, and so forth.


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Societal Structure

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Ivial is split up into 11 major territories, each of which are split further into smaller internal territories such as (to use the Common terms) counties, baronies, and benefices.

The 11 major territories of the Kingdom of Ivial. The capital city of Sbarco is shown in southeast Luccere.

Luccere (King's Lands) - Being the King's Lands, Luccere is, as tradition dictates, primarily ruled over by the Prince as a test of his worthiness of inheriting the throne. Viali culture is at its finest in Luccere, the countryside dotted with expansive estates, temples, and monasteries, while the cities are brimming with colleges, libraries, music halls, opera houses, fine restaurants, and so on. The capital of Ivial, Sbarco, is within this territory, on the southeast coast where immigrants from the Constantia first landed.

Mondevinno (Duchy) - The bread-basket of Ivial, Mondevinno provides excellent produce and livestock to the rest of the Kingdom, and is famous across the known world for its vineyards and wineries.

Boschverddi (Duchy) - Considered one of the most beautiful territories of Ivial, much of Boschverddi is covered in lush green woodland. The Duke takes special care to ensure the forests are properly managed so that the thriving lumber trade won't destroy the landscape.

Raffaella (Duchy) - Perhaps best known as the territory containing the region where Rhun lived and began his rebellious movement against the Viali government, Raffaella is a wealthy and prosperous Duchy with a forte on tourism to various historical sites that played a major role during the brief civil war.

Alessia (Duchy) - A coastal territory in northeast Ivial, Alessia is one of the finer and wealthier places to live outside Luccere.

Catelanne (Duchy) - Making up the majority of Ivial's western border, Catelanne contains the entirety of Ivial's side of the western mountain range. Wealthy due to the abundance of precious metals to be found there, Catelanne is known to be a popular place for artisans and craftsmen to prove their skill as they make luxurious goods for the multiple lords and ladies who are constantly competing to be the most impressive in the duchy. Being the primary borderland between Ivial and Tol Rhun, multiple watch stations and forts are maintained along the mountain range to prevent any Rhuidim from entering Ivial.

Brughierre (Duchy) - Brughierre consists mainly of the moorlands between the higher, more mountainous terrain and the lower coastal region to the east. While considered a relatively unpleasant place to live, it is nonetheless held in moderate esteem by the rest of Ivial, though in recent years its respectability has declined as the numerous lords fight over territory.

Scogliere (County) - The smallest of the primary Viali territories with mild weather and scenic sea-cliffs of unsurpassed beauty, Scogliere is best known as a getaway destination for the wealthiest in all of Ivial (as well as the wealthy of other nations, provided they can afford to win temporary ownership of an estate at the periodic land auctions).

Nordarida (County) - A barren territory bordering the deserts of Nuum in the extreme north of Ivial, Nordarida is often looked down on by the rest of Ivial as a dirty, violent, uncultured place led by a war-mongering Count who picks fights with his own Viali neighbors as often as he does the Nuum across the border. Nordarida and Sudarida were once a single Duchy, but when the Duke and Duchess both perished in a tragic accident, the twin sons couldn't agree on any compromises and the territory was split into two Counties.

Sudarida (County) - One of the less-desirable places to live in Ivial with much of its land consisting of arid badlands, Sudarida manages to maintain a little respectability due to their charismatic Count and his success at maintaining excellent trade relations with neighboring Grum. Nordarida and Sudarida were once a single Duchy, but when the Duke and Duchess both perished in a tragic accident, the twin sons couldn't agree on any compromises and the territory was split into two Counties.

Corodeangelo (County) - A small, harsh mountain territory peopled by what the majority of other Viali consider barbarians, the inhabitants of Corodeangelo are the descendants of a clan that claimed sovereignty in the early days of Ivial but were overthrown and exiled to the mountains. Answering only under duress to the King himself, Corodeangelo practically considers itself its own nation rather than a part of Ivial as a whole, and its people await the prophesied day when a great evil will besiege Ivial and they, aided by Serafina herself, will stand against the darkness and deliver the nation from destruction, and claim their rightful place as rulers once again.