Hydro Shield

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Hydro Shield is an ability learned by the Elemancers.

Hydro Shield causes water to swirl and eddy in a rough sphere around the caster, particularly when something from outside attempts to enter that sphere at speed. This causes dangerous objects (such as incoming weapon strikes, arrows, elemental bolts and so forth) to be partially turned aside, lowering their accuracy. Lighter objects, such as arrows or throwing knives, may be brushed completely off-course without the caster even having to dodge them.

Unfortunately, the sphere of water affects outgoing objects as well as incoming objects. While the Elemancer may passively manipulate the water to allow for easier outgoing actions, it will still be sure to cause issues with outgoing actions requiring speed or accuracy.

Once cast, Hydro Shield will lower both outgoing and incoming attack accuracy (incoming more than outgoing), and has a chance to outright brush small projectiles off-course without needing to calculate dodge or block rolls.

  • Usage: While maintaining at least one hydromancy channel, channel shield
  • Energy cost: 10 for the initial cast, plus 1 additional energy per second as long as the shield is maintained.
  • Duration: As long as at least one hydromancy channel is maintained.

Requirements: Shield Pattern

Note: Having water constantly swirling in a sphere around you can make it more difficult to see and pick up on little things you might have noticed otherwise.