Herb Cultivation

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Druids have the ability to ask the gaea to direct herb growth in an area. They can request that herbs grow faster, no new herbs grow, or encourage the growth of certain herbs. Druids should be aware that they will be unable to request this frequently, as the request will fall on deaf ears if used too frequently.

OOC Notes:

While channeling druidry, you may type channel cultivate type, where type is either encourage, suppress, or the name of a herb already growing in the room. Encourage will increase the frequency of all herbs growing in the room, suppress will halt the growth of new herbs (although herbs already growing may continue to grow), and using a particular herb name will cause that herb to grow more frequently in the room. All effects last for more than 48 hours of game time.

While channeling druidry, survey will provide information regarding any cultivate that has occurred in the room.