Harbingers of Aranas

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The Harbingers of Aranas, a collection of individuals dedicated to doing the bidding of the bringer of terror.

A lot of rumor and stories surround the Harbingers of Aranas in regards to why they serve their immortal and what exactly they want. Most of them are almost as disturbing as the tales told about Aranas and they seem to thrive on it, using the fear and distaste of others to help "persuade" them to do whatever it is the Harbinger desires.

Those who do try to pursue knowledge about them often hear so many conflicting explanations from the mouths of one Harbinger let alone several to ever settle on truth or lie. The only thing that is truly clear, is that they're no friends of the followers of Serafina and Aphraen.



Harbingers tend to vary greatly, from those who are marauding berserkers who let a trail of bodies speak to the power of Aranas' Harbingers, to the more cultured and scholarly capable of engaging in a philosophical discussion with some of the more educated individuals regarding immortals and the "superiority of Aranas".


Harbingers often fight from the open, rely on a combination of heavy armor and other gifts of Aranas to survive their opponents attacks. In terms of offensive capability, they have the ability to harness sorcery, or have the freedom to use light and heavy weapons to contend against their foes.

Promotion Points

  • Spreading fear among others
  • Fighting challenging foes

Overall Pros

  • Powerful disabling abilities
  • Focus on abilities useful in combat

Overall Cons

  • Difficult to maintain lawful reputation in towns and therefore limited access to amenities.
  • Those who join are expected to serve the will of Aranas, and while joining may be simple, remaining in good standing with Aranas and the Guild is not.
  • You will often be at conflict with other players, either due to your own actions while in the Guild or because of the Guild's history.


As many accounts of Harbingers are mixed and Harbingers themselves cannot be trusted, their specific trainings and abilities are widely unknown.

Guild Services

It's a mystery. Perhaps a tunic with the image of Aranas' gaping maw sewn into the front?