Hallowed Burial

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Hallowed Burial is an ability used by the Dwaedn Wyr.

While the Dwaedn Wyr often seek out wild and powerful animals to best in combat, they do so in pursuit of honor and glory by seeking a challenging opponent, not out of some sense of superiority over the beast. By showing the proper respect and honor to a defeated beast, a Dwaedn Wyr may gain the blessing of the animal's spirit.

Gain a blessing by honoring the corpse of an animal defeated in combat, the benefits differing depending on the type of animal. The Dwaedn Wyr must have personally fought the animal, and must have been considered challenging enough to be worthy of honor.

  • Usage: honor [target]
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Different animal spirits grant different blessings:

  • Bear: Increased strength and melee combat prowess.
  • Wolf: Increased stamina and perception.
  • Cat: Increased stealth and ability to land critical strikes.
  • Boar/Bison: Toughened hide. (As the usage of armor is for cowards, this blessing only applies when wearing soft leather or no armor).
  • Serpent: Increased speed and reflexes.


  • None