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The Guild of Thieves is rumored to be a loosely-organized crime syndicate, with semi-independent Guild chapters in various cities. Rumor has it that some cities make it a point to do little to suppress these guilds, as they in their own way limit and contain what would otherwise by unrestrained and chaotic crime within the cities they inhabit.



Thieves will be required to develop skills such as stealth and picking pockets in order to advance in the Guild. Very little combat skill is required, as thieves are not expected to be great fighters. Thieves will make much of their income by stealing, either independently or working on behalf of the Guild and taking a cut of the profits. They enjoy unparalleled stealth abilities within urban areas, and they must use this to their advantage for it is likely they'll often find themselves on the wrong side of the law and facing open hostilities from those they have robbed.


Thieves are not expected to be, nor trained to be, particularly effective in combat. They have various dirty tricks, special items, and abilities to assist them in breaking combat engagement in order to escape combat situations. If a thief *does* need to engage in combat, they can use their stealth to get the upper hand on their foes, and their dirty tricks can be fairly useful in debilitating or frustrating an opponent to gain an advantage.

Promotion Points

Promotion points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Picking locks
  • Stealing (successfully)
  • Successfully completing tasks from the Guildmaster

Promotion points can be LOST in the following ways (often with additional penalties):

  • Selling exclusive Guild items or secrets
  • Giving out information about the Guild and its secrets, facilities, plans, etc.
  • Having a bad impact on the Guild (drawing unnecessary attention the Guild in a town and causing its citizens/leaders to be especially wary of or act against the Guild, for instance)

Just because you're a thief doesn't mean you don't need to act responsibly. If you bring harm or misfortune to the Guild, the Guild will in turn bring harm and misfortune to you!

Overall Pros

  • Excellent stealth, unparalleled in urban environments
  • Unique bonuses and abilities related to theft
  • High income rate with a bit of luck and stealing skills
  • Difficult to hit in combat due to stealth, traps, and evasive special abilities
  • Various methods of disabling or distracting foes to make a quick escape
  • Many useful Guild services

Overall Cons

  • Lacking offensive advantages in open combat
  • Often in trouble with the law and other players
  • A bad patch of luck could take one from wealthy to destitute
  • Difficult to maintain lawful reputation in towns and therefore limited access to amenities
  • Trouble with heavy armor due to stealth penalties
  • If Guild reputation isn't maintained in the positive, Guild may sell you out or even hunt you


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Guild Services

Wouldn't you like to know!