Geo Shield

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Geo Shield is an ability learned by the Elemancers.

This spell will cause chunks of rocky earth to surround the Elemancer, resulting in an excellent defensive barrier that can deflect most any incoming attack. Unfortunately, it will be almost equally difficult for the Elemancer to find an opening for attacks herself, so this is best used as a defensive measure when the caster does not plan to make any attacks.

This spell grants a very high chance of intercepting both incoming and outgoing attacks. Very useful for traveling through dangerous areas.

  • Usage: While maintaining at least two geomancy channels, channel shield
  • Energy cost: 20 for the initial cast, plus 2 additional energy per second as long as the shield is maintained.
  • Duration: As long as two geomancy channels are maintained.

Requirements: Shield Pattern

Note: Having chunks of earth constantly orbiting you can make it more difficult to see and pick up on little things you might have noticed otherwise.