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Archers can fletch their own arrows with timber, sinew, fletchings, and a dagger.


It should be noted that most of these steps can be done with the tool in inventory and not necessarily held.

  • You must start with a small straight stave. You can use this to carve arrow.
  • Optional You may choose to paint the arrow shaft.
  • Once you have an arrow shaft, get out your dagger and cut nock.
  • Then you must get a bow and measure shaft.
  • Once you have the length of the shaft, you can get a dagger and cut end.
  • Next, you must have sinew (or any other binding material) and proper fletchings in a worn container. Then you can fletch shaft.
  • Now you choose what type of arrow you would like it to be. For simple arrows, you can sharpen shaft. Note that arrows with simple sharpen ends will do less damage than other types of arrows. To prepare the arrow shaft for an arrowhead, cut tip.
  • Now you may simply attach when holding both the arrowhead and the arrow shaft.


At low levels of fletching and woodworking you will be horrible at fletching and often end up destroying your shafts. Don't worry, the possibility of this will decrease greatly with just a little training.

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