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Flare is an ability used by the monks of the Monastic Order.

Many monks choose to accompany their allies into the thick of battle. Unfortunately, most foes will realize that a monk skilled in the art of healing is a high-priority target, and will seek to harm them above all else. The Flare technique will unleash a burst of bright light, causing any too near the monk to draw back from the blinding radiance and allowing the monk to move to a safer position.

Two effects: First, when channeling thaumaturgy and in the Ranged or Avoid positions, Flare has a chance to occur automatically upon an incoming melee attack, preventing the attack from going through. Second, Flare can be cast manually to break combat engagement with any engaged attackers and move the monk to Avoid position, also inflicting 1 second of roundtime on anyone effected.


  • Effect 1: passive while channeling thaumaturgy in Avoid or Ranged positions.
  • Effect 2: cast 203