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An ancient people native to Arad, the Fasa li Nuam claim to predate all other races, and have a cultural respect for and connection to the Gaea. They are excellent riders and herdsmen, and are fiercely protective of their land, often arresting any outsiders without escorts on their lands and killing those who trespass on their sacred land. Because of this, not much is known of the Ancient Lands, except that it boasts a large forest.


The Fasa live their lives in family groups, only breaking them apart when it is too large for the land to sustain. For the most part, these tribes are nomadic, although there are a few that have settled into cities, primarily the Ain Ealdo. Most prefer the freedom that living on the move gives, and don't want to be trapped in one location. The Fasa are a stubborn and proud people, despite their claims to go where the wind carries. They are reserved with those not of their family, but show great kindness and compassion to those who they care about.

There are currently seven clans in Fasa li Nuam, with many different tribes associate with each. Each clan has a distinct traditional role in their society, although the lines are blurred in day to day life. Members are marked when they come of age with their clan's tattoo on their bicep. Boys have the inside of their left bicep marked, while girls have the outside. At marriage this band is completed with their spouse's clan, afterwhich the couple will be part of the wife's clan. There are generally some tribal characteristics in the tattoo, but they all follow the same basic design. These tattoos are only shown in formal settings, Fasa wearing sleeves at almost all other times.


Below are listed the seven clans. Note: very few outsiders would know this information, as the Fasa protect their borders rather jealously. The names and characteristics are their traditional role within Fasa society. This does not mean that every member displays the characteristics, only that this is how the clan is generally seen by others.

Ain Ealdo

"Those Who Own Houses," the Ain Ealdo long ago gave up the nomadic life, instead populating the few towns in the Ancient Lands. This isn't to say that they have given up the traditions of the Fasa, however. They are as competitive at the yearly games as any other clan. These towns are generally placed in areas of natural beauty or other importance.

Their tattoo is an intricately tied knot over various lines and shapes that vary by tribe.

Disyl Usuente

Literally, "Those who speak with hawks," the Disyl Usuente were the first of the clans to discover the bond that could develop between man and an animal. While they are not the only tribe to have companions, it still happens most often among the Disyl Usuente. They traditionally form the core of the Fasa army, often fighting along side their companions, and have the broadest of militant skills among the three militant clans. While the animal companions of this tribe are not always hawks, they were the first, and is where the clan got their name.

Their tattoo is a band of feathers in honor of the first companion, which was a hawk.

Grael Aetsen

"Observers of the Heavens," the Grael Aetsen are the mystics of the Fasa. It is thought that they were originally the ones who went between the Fasa and the vael, but the truth of this has been lost to antiquity. They are the ones who have kept the connection with the vael alive, despite the fact that most of the other clans associate more with the gaea.

Their tattoos are the most varied by tribe, but always have the moon, sun, and stars in them.


"The Wraiths," the Ildazi are one of the warrior clans of the Fasa. Over the centuries, they have perfected the art of war both in the forest and plains, and often scout the border of the Ancient Lands, calling in the Disyl Usuente and Untaise when necessary.

Their tattoo is a band of brambles.

Tae Skelym

Most of the druids of the Fasa come from Tae Skelym, and the name in fact means "druids" or "sages." The second least nomadic of the clans, Tae Skelym tend to populate the area closest to Iardemi.

Their tattoo is a twined vine with thorns. The type of vine, leaves, and flowers vary by tribe.

Tenejo Isdra

The most practical of all the Fasa clans, the Tenejo Isdra have avoided most of the inter-clan fighting that has taken place in the nation's history. They provide mediation between clan conflicts, and take sides only the most extreme circumstances. They tend to be the ones to deal with outsiders, and as such, many live near the border, although they are spread out across the entire nation.

They are The Keepers of the Circle, and their tattoo is always a single line in an elaborately tied pattern, although the pattern varies by tribe.


Literally "Those of the Horse," the Untaise are the most nomadic of the Fasa.

Their tattoo resembles the head of the horse, with the mane flowing into the rest of the band.


Although many Fasa speak common to outsiders, they speak almost exclusively in their own language among one another.

Some Vocabulary

Aetsen - Heavens
Ain - One who owns
Antaise - Horse
Demi - Forest
Disyl - Animals
Ealdo - House
Gain - Guardian
Gaiyan - Guardians
Grael - Observers
Iar - Great or Ancient
Ildaizi - Wraiths
Isdra - Keepers
Suente - Speaking
Skelym - Druids
Tasa - City
Tinejo - Circle
U (prefix) - Those of