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You can grow your own food to be eaten or sold!


  • You will need to purchase a farming hoe, watering bucket and seeds from a store.
  • Next, locate a suitable spot of ground. These can be located in various farmlands. Wilderness Plains areas can also be tilled to create farm land.
  • Next you will need to till the ground.
  • Once the ground is tilled, you will plant the seeds. These can either be held in a container, or you can have them in a worn container and specify the type of seeds you want to plant. EX. plant wheat
  • You will need to fill your watering bucket from a water source, typically a well or nearby stream.
  • You will then water what you planted, you can look at the soil to see where you have yet to water sufficiently. Note: Simply typing water while in a room with a water sources will cause you to automatically fill the bucket, first.
  • Lastly, weed.
  • Once your plants have grown you can harvest what you've grown to be eaten or sold at the market!


  • While your crops can go for more than 24 hours without necessarily withering, the quality will likely decrease.
  • Skilled and diligent farmers will notice the yield of their crops has increased.
  • See also Cooking for the process of using your produce to make food.


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