Essence Leech

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Essence Leech is an ability used by sorcerers of Rook Parlour.

Sorcerers are known for their ability to manipulate nether, but many do not realize that through nether manipulation, a sorcerer can also manipulate spirit, to a degree. Essence Leech is an example of such a phenomenon. The spell causes a tendril of nether to lash at a victim and attach to their spirit. As the nether comes into contact with the victim's body, it is able to surround and taint some of the victim's spirit and transfer it back to the sorcerer. The contact will cause a small amount of damage to the victim due to the deconstructive and freezing nature of nether, but will be relatively harmless compared to more aggressive spells. This is useful, as a corpse that is relatively injury-free can be useful for other more advanced rituals, such as animation.

Cause a slight amount of nether and cold damage, as well as drain 20-60 energy from the target. 1/4 of the drained energy will be transferred to the caster.