Elemental Severance

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Elemental Severance is a spell used by the Elemancers.

This technique allows an Elemancer to sever a target's control over an active elemental channel by detecting and identifying the target's channel, then injecting gaps and other disturbances into the target's channel pattern. This abrupt severance will cause the target to lose a large amount of energy from the severed channel, and will often cause a brief burst of the now-uncontrolled elemental energy to strike the target. Success will require the Elemancer to overpower the target's control over the channel, and will be significantly easier to achieve if the Elemancer is currently channeling the same element that is being severed.

Cause a target to lose an active elemental channel, lose some energy, and be negatively affected by the lost control over that element. Success is based on the caster's skill versus the the target's skill in the applicable element. A bonus to success rate is applied if the caster is channeling the same element as the one being severed.

  • Usage: cast esever [target] or cast 102 [target]

Note: If the caster is channeling an element that the target is also channeling, then that will be the targeted element. If the caster is not channeling, or is not channeling any of the same elements as the target, an element will be chose from the target's active channels at random.