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The Dwaedn Wyr are a druidic warrior order of Faewyr origins. Dwaedn Wyr warriors seek glory and perfection through combat, drawing on inspiration of past legendary warriors and fierce animal spirits, most notably the Great Bear Spirit.

Note to Interested Investigators: Due to their emphasis on strength and physique, the Dwaedn Wyr only accept members of a suitable build and stature into their ranks.



Dwaedn Wyr are solely warriors, focusing on offense and overpowering their foes. While they can use shields and heavier armors, they have no abilities that are based around armor or shields, as many among the Dwaedn Wyr find using these tools to be an act of cowardice.

The Dwaedn Wyr was originally solely made up of Faewyr warriors, but in recent years they have opened up membership to members of other races as well, wishing to assimilate the properties and skills of foreign warriors.


The Dwaedn Wyr are obsessed with combat, and their offensive prowess is second to none. Even powerful battle-mages will find it difficult to keep up with a Dwaedn berserker. They believe the best defense is a good offense, and tear through their foes with startling ferocity.

Promotion Points

Promotion points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Completing tasks for the guildmaster

The following actions will automatically reduce promotion points:

  • Being defeated in combat

Overall Pros

  • Extremely good at martial combat
  • Very high damage output

Overall Cons

  • No special defensive abilities
  • No special abilities not related to combat - something of a one-trick pony


Guild Services

  • Most Dwaedn trainers offer training in exchange for recognition points instead of riln.
  • Exclusive weapons shop in Dwaedn Vil with some unique weapons.
  • Free access to the leatherworking workshop in Dwaedn Vil.
  • Mounting trophies in the Grizzly Den in Dwaedn Vil.
  • Discounts on renting inn rooms at the Grizzly Den in Dwaedn Vil.

Martial Taboos

It's well-known that the Dwaedn Wyr glory in combat, though there are some taboos new members should be aware of:

  • The use of shields and wearing of heavier armors (particularly those incorporating metal) is considered cowardly, and will likely earn a Dwaedn Wyr a good measure of mockery and even scorn, possibly even prompting a confrontation with Rig-Jarl Bjorn, current leader of the Dwaedn Wyr, for shaming the proud and fearless warrior reputation of the order. Note that light leather armors made form the hides of beasts bested in honorable combat are acceptable.
  • Ranged weapons are shunned and considered cowardly - most especially firearms. An exception is leading a charge with a hurled weapon.
  • Weapons that are considered particularly finesse-based or "civilized" (such as rapiers) are likely to earn a Dwaedn Wyr the mockery of his peers.

Relationship with Animals

Many see the Dwaedn Wyr fighting animals in bloody, gorey battle and wonder how they can claim to respect and honor these animals that they are mutilating and killing in combat. First of all, one must understand the approach to these battles. The Dwaedn Wyr go seeking a challenge, but they also go seeking to present a challenge to the creature they fight. Both grow stronger from such combat and help each other progress.

The Dwaedn Wyr believe that when an animal is killed, its spirit endures, and will go on to inhabit a new body. As the animal fights continually tougher opponents, it grows stronger and stronger, retaining that strength with its spirit after each death. Thus the Dwaedn Wyr that go out to face animals in challenging combat are not just killing powerful beasts, they are helping the beasts to become stronger, just as the Dwaedn seeks to become stronger through challenging himself more and more.

It is important for the Dwaedn Wyr to have the appropriate attitude in their relationship with the animals they fight. The warriors are encouraged to enjoy the combat and even condition themselves to become lost in battlefury in order to increase their ferocity, but this does not mean that they hate the animals they fight or regard them as inferior creatures to be defeated in a display of man's superiority over beast. The Dwaedn Wyr and the animals they fight work together to continually strengthen each other in an unending cycle of combat, helping each other attain ever increasing prowess and glory.

A Dwaedn warrior is almost certainly prideful, and this is not discouraged. However, should this pride cause a warrior to regard himself as superior to and above the beasts he fights, he will soon be humbled, for always will even the meekest of beasts have something to teach the mightiest man, if the man has the wisdom and humility to see it.


While not able to channel druidry in the same way most other druids do, the Dwaedn Wyr have their own strong druidic bonds with the natural world, particularly with the Animal Spirits. Due to practices, rites, and traditions passed down from the early days of the first Dwaedn Wyr among the Faewyr, as well as a continued and consistent honoring of the spirits, members of the druidic warrior order have a direct connection with many specific spirits and can call upon them for empowerment without utilizing traditional druidic channeling methods.