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This explains the various methods of communication inside of CLOK and whether they are considered in character or out of character (IC and OOC respectively), as well as how to use them properly.

Say, Sayto

These two are entirely IC commands unless you are speaking to a GM or are in a room specifically labeled to be OOC.

say can be used on its own, or with a speech and tone. You can change how your say messages appear through use of the speech and tone commands. You can enter the commands individually to see a list of styles, as well. You can also prefix a $, or dollar sign, before a speech style and/or a pound sign (#) before your text. For example, if I wanted to have my character quickly scream "Something wicked!", I would do say #quickly $scream Something wicked!

You can also use an apostrophe to say things without typing the whole word, such as 'I'm a drunk miner.

sayto is a command to say something directed to a target, such as another player or an NPC. You can use it with tones and speech styles too, such as if I wanted to happily insult Dorn by calling him a spindlebeard, I would do something similar to sayto dorn #happy $retort You're a filthy spindlebeard.

You can also use two colons with say instead of using the sayto command, such as say ::evelyn I'm going to eat the bears.


An IC method of generally private in-room communication. Note that you cannot use speech or tone styles with the dollar or pound sign method when whispering.

To utilize this, do whisper name message, such as doing whisper artus I've got a pie for your face right here to threaten Artus with pie tossing.

Telepathic/ESP Network

Entirely IC, no exceptions except for mischannels.

  • Excessive cursing on the Network is a good way to get temporarily cursed by a Mummer. Don't do it unless you're willing to risk IC punishment.

Through use of pendants or other such jewelry items capable of hanging crystals, Mummers have created a way for people to speak around the Lost Lands through a telepathic network. The name of the individual doesn't appear but they can select a color to represent them using the espcolor command. This method of communication requires an artifact capable of transmitting thought messages and can be modified using proper tuning crystals for more private conversations.


OOC without question.

You can send people private OOC messages provided their tells are not disabled and they're not using a guest name. Useful when needing to ask private questions or just talking.


It's an OOC chat channel.

This occasionally gets disabled if the GMs feel it's detracting from RP, but is useful for letting people know you need to go AFK during RP and for praising immortals after events or other such OOC banter. Please try to keep it PG13.


OOC, please keep general conversation off of it.

A channel for anyone to ask questions about the game. Not a good idea to ask IC questions here or ask things about secret organizations such as "What abilities do the Claw have?"