Combat Commands

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Fighting Commands

Aim allows you to aim for specific body parts, generally adding an extra second of round time to your attempted strikes but allowing you to target vitals.

Attack - Make a single attack on a target. Can also use the kill verb to the same effect.

Barrage - Auto-fire until you stop or become exhausted.

Battle - Auto-attack any hostiles (or specifically-targeted characters/NPCs) until you stop or become exhausted.

Cast - Cast a spell or held wand at a target. You must either be channeling elements that can be used for attack (pyromancy, hydromancy ,etc.) or specify an attack spell (learned via guilds).

Fire - Fire a ranged weapon at a target.

Flank - Attempt to move behind the target in order to severely hinder their defense. This only works if the target is currently distracted by someone else's attack, and so is only useful in groups.

Guard - Guard the target, attempting to intercept any incoming attacks on that target. This will result in the attack being directed toward the guardian instead. If the character being guarded makes a melee attack, they will move out from behind their guardian and will no longer be guarded. Ranged attacks can be made while being guarded, however. A single character can be guarded by multiple people at the same time.

Hurl - Hurl a weapon such as a throwing knife at a target. You can tell which weapons can be hurled with the examine command.

Jab - This command is akin to attack in that it will do one round of brawling using only your fists.

Kick - This command is akin to attack in that it will do one round of brawling using only a kick.

Position - You can change your position to avoid, ranged or engage. Avoid and ranged will have chances to outright avoid melee attacks (avoid more than ranged), while engage will have you right up there in the fray.

Press - Attempt to press a determined attack on the target, preventing the target from leaving the area or attacking anyone besides the attacker.

Shove - Attempt to knock over your opponent. Requires one or two hands free or alternatively, a shield in one hand.

Tactics - Choose from various tactics that adjust your offensive and defensive capabilities.

Trance - Automatic fighting using raw casts from any open channels of magic until you stop or become exhausted.