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There have been whispers of an organization known as the Claw of Shar, however, any details of their existence and abilities known by them are merely rumor. If they do actually exist, this might have something to do with them. Or maybe not. There is no guarantee of the accuracy or validity of anything below.

The Claw of Shar is whispered to be an order of elite assassins, wielding sorcery to supplement their stealth and deadly combat technique. Little else is known of the group, as those who delve too deep into discovering more about it tend to end up dead.



Assassins will be required to develop skills such as stealth, brawling, and sorcery in order to advance in their guild. They should take shelter in the shadows and show a certain humility in their work, in that bragging and drawing attention to oneself is counterproductive in an assassin's line of work.

Assassins are expected to be cold and professional, not letting personal feelings interfere with their jobs.


Assassins are adept in hand-to-hand combat and are good at exploiting an opponent's weak points, particularly from stealth. They should expect to be able to fight out in the open if their initial attack doesn't down their target, however.

Promotion Points

Promotion points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Successfully completing tasks from the Guildmaster

Overall Pros

  • Excellent stealth, supplemented by sorcery.
  • Ability to move in and out of combat positions.
  • Vicious offensive attacks.
  • Focus on combat abilities.

Overall Cons

  • Joining this group is not as simple as other guilds, and should not be entered into lightly.
  • Often in trouble with the law and other players.
  • Difficult to maintain lawful reputation in towns and therefore limited access to amenities.
  • Trouble with heavy armor due to stealth penalties.
  • If Guild orders are not followed, your own guild may turn against you.


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Wouldn't you like to know!