Channeling Mastery

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These abilities no longer exist, part of them was converted into two new generalized abilities. A Guru should really delete this page if they see it!

Channeling Mastery is a group of abilities once available to the Monastic Order and the Elemancers.

Channeling: Apprentice

This ability allows magic users to channel with greater ease.

  • Reduces the time required to channel an element by one second. Additionally, provides an instant boost of 50 to your current Channeling skill.

Channeling: Journeyman

The second step in channeling training for magic users.

  • This ability provides a 2.5% bonus to channeling gains, along with 50 ranks toward Channeling.


Channeling: Mastery

The final training in Channeling Mastery completes the magic user's training in channeling, making him a master in channeling the magical floes.

  • Channeling Mastery provides a total of a 3% skill boost when calculating skill gains and reduces prep time by an additional 1 second as well as giving 50 ranks in the skill.