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Chameleon is an ability used by the Udemi.

This spell allows the Udemi to mimic the camouflage abilities of a chameleon, altering their skin pigmentation to adapt to their surroundings. The spell will even effect armor made from organic materials, such as leather, while metallic armor will hinder or possibly prevent it from working at all.

While active, the Chameleon spell grants +100/+25% to the Stealth skill, negates stealth penalties when in open plains environments, and allows the caster to sneak more quickly: -1 second base, plus another -1 in non-plains natural environments. If the caster was not hiding upon casting, the caster will automatically become hidden.

  • Usage: While channeling druidry, cast chameleon or cast 705. The druidry channel is not required to be maintained after the initial casting.