Brotherhood of the Fist

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The Brotherhood of the Fist is an elite group of brawlers, street fighters, and ruffians. This group was founded by the brawler Arlen, who has traveled to collect information on various fighting styles and adapt his own, which he is now offering to share with others willing to commit to the Brotherhood.

Note to Interested Investigators: Brothers and Sisters of the Fist value physical prowess in unarmed combat, and will not consider initiating the old, weak, and feeble.



The Brotherhood of the Fist is a group focused on brawling through natural means.


Members of the Brotherhood of the Fist focus entirely on unarmed and unarmored combat. They excel at this through the use of tactics and combos. As situational fighters, they may choose to either remain neutral and increase the number of successive attacks they can perform in any given round of combo, go on the offensive to land heavier blows, attempt to parry incoming attacks, or try to dodge and counter-attack.

Promotion Points

Promotion points can be earned in the following ways:

  • Completing tasks for the guildmaster
  • Performing unarmed combat against challenging foes.

Overall Pros

  • Excels at unarmed combat
  • High damage output through multi-strike combos
  • High avoidance
  • Versatility in combat dependent on tactics
  • Many abilities to passively alter combat
  • Free infirmary services at the Brawler's Retreat

Overall Cons

  • Inability to perform most guild abilities while wearing armor or encumbered
  • Focused entirely on combat
  • Very few active abilities
  • Limited offensive capability against armored foes
  • Requiring certain tactics to perform certain guild abilities, they will not all be available at once


Guild Services

  • Coming soon