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Brawling is combat without any weapons in hand, instead relying mainly on punches and kicks. A useful skill to have should one be disarmed or caught off-guard without a weapon. You can use the combo command to check how many strikes you're currently capable of performing and limit how many you attempt by inputting a number underneath your maximum, as low as 1. Input combo 0 to cease holding back.


Brawling combos can happen when fighting unarmed and having sufficient attacks available. To begin a brawling combo when attacking, you roll a combination of your brawling skill plus your melee skill versus a roll based on the target's melee skill. Even if you succeed, you may not get all of your available strike attempts. For every additional attack, you make another roll based on your brawling skill minus a roll based on 75% of their melee skill. The longer the combo, the higher the next roll will have to be to continue it until you reach your maximum combo number.

Unarmed Upgrades

Gain additional attacks upon meeting requirements:

  • +2 Max strikes if both hands are empty
  • +1 Max strikes if your brawling skill is equal to or greater than 300
  • +1 Max strikes if your brawling skill is equal to or greater than 1000

Some guilds offer abilities that enhance unarmed combat in some way or another, though none can truly match the Brotherhood of the Fist at general unarmed combat as it is their focus.