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Bogvaskr is perhaps most prominent and respected amongst the Faewyr, though several cultures seem to have their own analogues. One trait the Immortal shares in nearly all incarnations is his unsurpassed skill with the bow.

To the Faewyr, Bogvaskr is the Huntsman, a supernaturally strong, swift, and skilled hunter. He enjoys the challenge of hunting mighty beasts with his bow and wooden club, though he has been known to hunt man as well on occasion, usually at the request of other Immortals. He symbolizes physical strength, simple martial prowess, and the spirit of the hunt, and is often revered by those who hold such traits in high esteem. Though he loves hunting beasts, he also has great respect for them, and likely inspired the Dwaedn Wyr in that it is said that the beasts slain by Bogvaskr will be reborn only to be stronger and wiser for the experience. Bogvaskr is believed to occasionally take part in the hunts of mortals as one of them, appearing as a wandering hunter or ranger who will ask to join in the sport. Of all beasts known to man, only one is said to have eluded Bogvaskr since the dawn of reckoning to this day - the white stag Hvitradr. He is often accompanied by a pack of varwolves who aid him in his hunts, and who hunger insatiably for the white stag.

To the Viali Bogvaskr is considered something of a fallen aengel - once a champion of the Serafim who unrelentingly hunted and slew demons, evil beasts, and other agents of darkness with his golden bow and arrows of burning light, he eventually became lost to his lust for the death of his foes and sadistic love of the hunt. When Aphraen was sent to summon Bogvaskr to a sacred council and discussion of his uncontrollable desire for the death of his enemies, Bogvaskr resisted, and the two mighty aengels fought. Only with the assistance of Vandin, Nereia, and Naia was the champion subdued, his bow broken, his armor stripped from him, and his grace and station amongst the Serafim dissolved. He was blindfolded and held only briefly to await meeting with the council before making his escape, and now continues to seek those he believes to be irredeemably evil in order to slay them, having crafted for himself a new bow of unsurpassed strength and being able to somehow succeed as a marksman despite his blindfold which he can never remove. Many Viali use Bogvaskr's tale as a caution to those who seek justice or vengeance at any cost. Others will pray to him and invoke his guidance or blessing when seeking justice or vengeance after having been denied assistance by others. He is often depicted in Viali artwork with stunted feathered wings on his back and a white blindfold over his eyes.

Amongst the Nuum, Bogvaskr is called Rami, or Bogvaskr is said to be a foreign corruption of the true Immortal known as Rami. Rami is an archer of unsurpassed skill, and can make seemingly impossible shots even from horseback, racing chariot, or the back of a roc in flight. He is often depicted with an eagle's (or roc's) head, and is a guardian of the Afterlife, ever watchful for those who would try to sneak past Undm into the Afterlife undeserved. His sphere of influence includes air, wind, archery, justice, and birds. It is said that if a bowman is skilled enough, Rami will appear to have an archery contest. If the Immortal ever loses, he will cease to be a god and the mortal to have bested him will take his place.

To the Huec people Bogvaskr is a splinter of their god Toteoh, representing skill at archery, the hunt, and restless wanderlust. He is not especially influential and is considered a fairly minor and chaotic aspect, though his skill at archery and hunting is beyond both mortals and Immortals alike.