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With the Blacksmithing general ability, you can create weapons, armor, shields and commodities from bars created from Mining and Smelting.


  • A blacksmith's hammer.
  • Blacksmithing tongs.
  • A forge.
  • Material to work with.


Blades and Heads

  • You must be in a workshop with a forge, anvil and vice
  • Place a metal bar upon the anvil
  • Heat the bar
  • Forge blade {type} or forge head {type}

Hilts and Hafts

  • Hafts can be made from wood or metal
  • Hilts can be made from metal
  • For a wooden hilt, you will need to use carve {hilt} or {haft}
  • For a hilt of metal you can use forge {hilt} or {haft}

The Vice

  • Once you have a blade and hilt, or a head and haft
  • Vice {item}
  • This will combine the pieces and create your new weapon

Armor and Shields

  • You can forge plate armor pieces.
  • You can forge shields of three different sizes
  • forge {armor/shield} {type}
  • Note that armor must be forged out of suitable materials which includes copper, iron, steel, bronze, celestium, sunsteel, cobalt, riversteel and the more exotic bloodglass.
  • Armor cannot be created with soft metals such as tin.


  • You can forge commodities such as horseshoes, gears, nails
  • These can then be sold at the market for a profit
  • forge {type}


  • You can forge bodkin or broadhead arrowheads
  • These can be used in the fletching process

Skills Used