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There have been whispers of an organization known as the Claw of Shar, however, any details of their existence and abilities known by them are merely rumor. If they do actually exist, this might have something to do with them. Or maybe not. There is no guarantee of the accuracy or validity of anything below.

Assassinate is an ability believed to be utilized by the Claw of Shar, as well as a task they may be assigned.


What makes a true assassin is the ability to strike quickly and cleanly with lethal results. This ability allows an assassin to attempt to assassinate a target they have had time to study recently. This allows the assassin to strike for a lethal area of the body, causing high amounts of damage or death.

This requires a small blade, or the use of Nether Hands and may be greatly hindered by heavy armors.

Assassinate is a stealthy attack which has the potential to do very high damage or instantly kill the target. Assassins must first study an opponent using the Mark and Study ability. Heavy armor will greatly hinder this attack.


When given this task, assassins will be given the general area where a mark is expected to be, and told to go kill them. This mark is generally accompanied by a guard who must be subdued or killed first.