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There are many legends about Aphraen from culture to culture, but all agree that he is the Keeper of Dreams, safeguarding the dreams of the people and affording them peace and good rest without fear of nightmares. This frequently puts him at odds with Aranas and Malfant, whom are often associated with nightmares. It is not uncommon for those who have gained the undesired attention of Aranas or Malfant to pray and appeal to Aphraen for protection.

Most legends also state, in one form or other, that Aphraen is the guardian of the Dream World, a world apart from the waking world that the soul gains access to via dreams. Most of the legends also state that the nethrim have a desire to force their way into the Dream World in order to haunt or ensnare the souls of mortals as they sleep.

Aphraen is often depicted wielding a sword, usually of purest iron or celestium, in his duty to fend off encroaching wraiths or other eldritch horrors; he battles even the Great Spider Aranas itself, who more than any seeks access to the Dream World in order to feed on the legion of vulnerable souls belonging to the slumbering mortals.

Because of Aphraen's guardianship of the Dream World against nethrim, he is often considered a strong ally of Serafina, sometimes believed to be a brother, son, or nephew.

To the Viali, Aphraen is of the Serafim, the highest order of Serafina's Aengels, coordinating his legion of Cerubim to guard mortals when they are asleep and therefore vulnerable and helpless. Viali artwork depicting Aphraen nearly always includes a pair of feathery wings on his back.

To the Nuum, Aphraen is the caretaker of the World Between Worlds, a sort of limbo or waiting place where the souls of the dead reside before being ushered on by Undm to the Afterlife. It is believed that the souls of the living can visit this place briefly in their dreams, though the memories are often jumbled and confused and rarely accurate, for mortals cannot understand the ways and wonders of the next world.

To the Huec people Aphraen is a splinter of their god Toteoh, guarding a pathway to other worlds called Temicotli, the Way of Dreams. Huec legend states that Toteoh brought his people along the Way of Dreams to the Tatlhuecan valley in order to give them a paradise in which to live after their previous home was invaded and ravaged by otherworldly entities. Aphraen guards Temicotli to ensure such a thing never happens again.

To the Faewyr, Aphraen guards the dreams of mortals and watches over the night. He has a particular dislike for nethrim, whom often come to particular power at night and cause mortals to fear his domain. While not particularly nature-affine, Aphraen nonetheless has a close relationship with the Animal Spirits, whom dwell often in the starry night sky. He is also charged with aiding souls whom have lost their way on their path in the heavens to find the gate of Undm, Keeper of Souls.