A loitering mummer

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Location: Shadgard, Hearth and Home Inn, Common Room
Affiliation: Shadgard
Roles: Trainer
This lanky fellow seems at casual ease, ready to make light conversation or off-hand remarks to customers on a whim.
He is wearing a battered purple-banded brown top-hat, an untidy brown and deep purple longcoat with patched elbows, a rumpled white collared tunic with onyx buttons, a brown leather belt, some patched brown fitted trousers, some purple and brown argyle socks and a pair of scuffed brown brass-buckled shoes.

Skills Taught

Note: This mummer appeared some time after the Bard Jerromir was killed during an invasion on Shadgard by the warlock Sceptus Corvus. Jerromir, like the current mummer, offered lessons in the use of staves.